Who Needs Help

Ron served his county and earned a Purple Heart…now he’s homeless and hungry. The hot meals he gets at Our Place Drop-In Center keep him going.

Karen works two jobs, but doesn’t earn enough to pay her bills and feed herself and her two sons. The Chester Andover Family Center makes the difference.

Bill and Lila are retired, on a fixed income, and falling short. The supplemental food they get from the Springfield Family Center has been a life-saver.

Sara is six years old. Her lack of regular meals at home made it hard to concentrate at school, until her family was referred to the local food shelf.

The people we serve are our friends and neighbors. They work in our schools and stores, clinics and gas stations. Their children play with our children. They stand next to us in line at the post office and at parades.

They’re like us…except they live with hunger. In fact, over 10,000 local people are at risk. Together, we can make a real difference.